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Gummy Smile

  • What is a gummy smile?
  • What causes a gummy smile?
  • How do I treat my gummy smile?

What is a gummy smile?

Some people show excesive amount of gum whether at rest or when they smile. This is known as a gummy smile.

What causes a gummy smile?

Gummy smiles can be the result of one or more of the following:

  • Escessive growth of the upper jaw bone
  • Incomplete eruption of the teeth from the jaw bone
  • Failure of the gingival margin to migrate to its ideal position

How do I treat my gummy smile?

The treatment of a gummy smile depends on the cause. In cases of incomplete eruption of teeth, or failure of gingival margin migration, the periodontist can perform a surgical procedure to place the gingival margin in its ideal position, make the teeth as long as their ideal size, and have the gingival margins appear harmonious and symmetrical.

Sometimes a dual approach is indicated, your dentist and the periodontist can work together on establishing an ideal smile using periodontal surgery along with veneers. Ask your dentist or Dr. Sweidan about your options