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Crown Lengthening

  • Why do I need crown lengthening?
  • What is crown lengthening?

Why do I need a crown lengthening?

In certain situations the margin of a filling or a crown lies under the gums. This can be the result of deep decay that extends beyond the gums, a fracture in the tooth, or to engage enough tooth structure to hold a restoration. If the margin of the restoration is too close to the bone surrounding the tooth, this will result in constant inflammation, and bone loss. The bone loss might be in what is called "Negative Architecture" meaning contrary to the normal shape of bone. The effect of bone loss includes deepened pockets, continued loss of support to the tooth, and/or gum recession.

What is crown lengthening?

Crown Lengthening is a minor surgical procedure that aims at making the tooth longer, thus allowing for the safe distance between the restoration and the underlying bone.